Dr. Konrad Koczwara



Dr. Konrad Koczwara grew up in Chicago on the northwest side near Jefferson Park. After attending St. Patrick high school he was accepted into Loyola University’s exercise science program. After completing his four-year degree he wanted to continue to follow his passion for health and wellness and decided to apply to Northwestern University’s Physical Therapy program. While in the process of attaining his doctorate he realized that there is a huge problem going on in the healthcare industry right now. The general public has a clear lack of knowledge on preventative medicine and exercise in regards to health. The solution in the medical field now is to use the “band-aid strategy”. This hurts people in the long term and does not “fix” their problems. These healthcare problems helped fuel his passion for using exercise as a preventative medicine. Dr. Koczwara’s long term goals is to change the way health insurance companies operate. Instead of paying for expensive medications, joint replacements, and other “band-aids” they should pay for preventative strategies throughout a person’s lifetime. These strategies would be implemented by degreed health professionals such as physical therapists, personal trainers, and exercise physiologists.


2014 – Founded Chitown Trainer Inc – a health and wellness company with a focus on in-home personal training, nutrition, and wellness services. Konrad quickly realized that this was the best way he can make the most meaningful long-term changes for a person in regards to preventative health.

2016 – Founded Counterforce Physical Therapy – a premium physical therapy company that offers custom one-on-one physical therapy treatments. He implements the “Counter Force Method”, which uses evidence-based physical therapy treatments to prevent and manage injuries. The Counter Force Method is hands-on – utilizing massage to promote blood flow, manual therapy to improve flexibility, range of motion and coordination, and exercise to maintain long term treatment effects. For every Force, there is a Counter Force!


Dry Needling
EDGE Mobility System
The McKenzie Method
The Maitland Approach
The Mulligan Concept
Gait and Biomechanics Analysis
Kinesiology Taping
Functional Movement Screens
Sports Functional Movement Assessments